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Renzo Marinai Pasta is produced in small quantities because it is made with organic wheat, sowed and harvested by hand in Panzano; this variety of wheat is called "Cappelli". Although it was rather widespread in the past, as it was specially selected to make pasta, nowadays this variety is no longer cultivated, with preference being now granted to wheat varieties that afford higher yields. Moreover, its cultivation is rather complex, as ears taller that one metre are highly exposed to wind and rain, and therefore more easily damaged. Indeed, the quality of Cappelli wheat is beyond comparison, so much so that the effort required to cultivate this cereal is fully repaid by the superior quality of the pasta we obtain from it, which is the very best among similar products. Renzo Marinai Pasta is made using ancient, artisan methods: it is drawn through bronze dies and dried at low temperature. The entire process requires almost an entire week.

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