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This wheat variety was named in honour of Senator Raffaele Cappelli from Abruzzo, promoter, in the early 20th century, of the agrarian reform, which led to the distinction between hard and soft wheat. This is a hard, aristate wheat (i.e., having aristae, the awn of grains), obtained in 1915 through genealogic selection performed by Nazareno Strampelli in Foggia. For decades, it was the most widespread crop in Southern Italy and the Islands, and held this supremacy until the more productive, shorter varieties started spreading. Cappelli wheat is indeed a wheat variety with special characteristics. Its ears are taller than a metre eighty and feature strong, semi-full haulms 150 cm in height. The remarkable height has made this variety difficult to cultivate as it is constantly subject to flattening (due to wind or rain). Senatore Cappelli is in any case a productive variety: 19-21 fertile spikelets against the 15-20 spikelets of hard wheat in general, and a number of caryopses (the fruits) ranging from 40 to 60 per ear. The latter is square, white-blond, with aristae that are brown-black for half of their length. Le caryopses are amber-yellow in colour and have a considerable weight: 58 grams for 1000 caryopses.

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